If you love the original Balloonimals, you’ll absolutely adore Balloonimal Babies.  The next generation of beautifully rendered inflatable pets is here!  Blow the balloons up, transform them into animals and then pet them to see what tricks they can do.  Give them gifts to see them react and then feed them a bottle until they pop!
You’ll love Balloonimal Babies for the following great features:

•      Simple controls: inflate by blowing into your iPhone microphone or swiping your finger across the screen of your iPad, shake or scribble to transform and then tap to animate your Balloonimal Baby and bring it to life!

•      Amazing graphics with quality 3D renderings and animations

•      Fun sound effects enhance the experience 


a panda that draws a heart? dinosaur friends? these baby characters are so lovable!
— jacblumberg (App Store review)