Elmo’s Monster Maker is ready for the holidays and ipads!

Posted by admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Elmo's Monster Maker, iPhone Apps For Kids

Elmo’s Monster Maker is ready for the holidays for both iphones and ipads. That’s right, for ipads!  Elmo’s Monster Maker is now in HD.

Add dreidels, lights, peppermint candies and more to your new monster friends! It’s available on the iTunes App store and Elmo approves it.

Hooray for HD holiday cheer!

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Now available on the App Store-Balloonimals Pop!

Posted by admin on Dec 14, 2010 in Balloonimals Pop, iPhone Apps For Kids

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new app- Balloonimals Pop!

Balloonimals Pop! is a tilt to play game which is easy to play but difficult to master. Tilt to fly your favorite Balloonimals Friend, Ziggy the T-Rex through the forest, the sky and space while catching bubbles to keep him afloat.  Ziggy doesn’t like sharp objects – so avoid the push-pins and pencils…. Or you’ll Pop!

Balloonimals Pop! is great for kids of all ages and even has an easy mode for the youngest of players.  Fun sounds, silly animations, awesome powerups and incredibly action-packed gameplay will keep you coming back for more.

Read more…

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Coming Soon to the App Store – Balloonimals Pop!

Posted by admin on Nov 24, 2010 in Balloonimals Pop, Innovation, iPhone Apps For Kids

Balloonimals Pop!, the new app from the creators of Balloonimals, is coming soon to the App Store!  Ziggy the T-Rex, star of Balloonimals Pop! stopped by the set of App Chat Live to discuss his new high-flying game with us.

AppChatLive: So Ziggy, tell us about your new game, Balloonimals Pop!

Ziggy: Well, I had developed a big following with my first app, Balloonimals, and I just thought,

“How could I challenge myself? What’s next in my career?” So naturally, I thought that I should be doing what balloons do best: fly!

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WIRED.com’s Geek Dad – Reverse Engineering An IDEO Toy Inventor

Find Out Why IDEO’s World Class Research Separates The Kids From The Adults!

Wired.com’s Geek Dad was interested in finding out how IDEO’s Toy Lab has been able to sustain success with their iPhone apps for kids, and more recently their work on the iPad.  IDEO has partnered with such great toy brands as Sesame Street, Fisher-Price and have even won awards for their work in this space.  So what makes a great app for kids?  The answer may surprise you!  Let’s just say that the Toy Inventors at IDEO do their homework.

Read Geek Dad’s article on “What Toy Inventors Create At IDEO” at Wired.com and learn about all of the hard work, research and creativity that go into creating  great apps for kids.

And after you’re done reading the article at Wired.com, see what all the excitement is about and get your own copy of Balloonimals HD from iTunes NOW!

-The IDEO Toy Lab Team

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*** Balloonimals HD Arrives On iPad! *** More Awards!… And More!!!

Posted by admin on Aug 3, 2010 in iPhone Apps For Kids
Hello Fans of IDEO Toy Lab apps,

We’ve got a lot of great news, including just released – Balloonimals HD for the iPad, Elmo’s Monster Maker, Count TV and Balloonimals win big in Babble.com’s “Top 50 iPhone Apps For Kids,” and a VERY FUNNY video (at least we think so) that show’s how we initially prototyped Elmo’s Monster Maker…you’ve come a loooong way baby!
Whew, that’s a lot, so let’s get started!

iPad Enhanced Balloonimals HD – JUST RELEASED!!! – New Interactions!  Exclusive Content!

Balloonimals HD Available Now On iPad!
Add Balloonimals to the list of lovable characters that are now available in High-Definition!
If you have ever watched the local news in HD and seen the imperfections on the broadcaster’s skin, don’t worry, Balloonimals in HD have perfect, glossy and blemish-free skin.  But don’t take our word for it, download Balloonimals HD now for your iPad and see just how beautiful the colorful Balloonimal characters are in High-Definition.
Balloonimals HD has incredibly smooth animations, new interactions that are unique to the iPad (such as auto-rotation), and more, only available in HD on the iPad.

Elmo, The Count, and Balloonimals Winners Of Babble’s Top 50 Favorite iPhone Apps For Kids!

Elmo's Monster Maker
Congratulations… to us! Elmo’s Monster Maker (#3), Count TV (#9), and Balloonimals (#47) made the Babble Top 50 Favorite iPhone Apps For Kids. Hundreds of iPhone apps were reviewed to find the best 50 for kids.
IDEO is incredibly honored to hold THREE (“1, 2, 3, ha, ha, ha!” as The Count would say) spots in this exclusive list.
Thanks goes out to everyone at Babble.com who took the time to play with all of those apps (what a fun job!) and recognized IDEO’s commitment to creating fun, entertaining and educational experiences for kids to enjoy with their parents.

Check out IDEO Toy Lab’s apps page to see all of our
apps, then add Elmo, The Count and Balloonimals to your collection of IDEO
apps available from iTunes!

“Elmo’s Monster Maker” The Early Years – See How IDEO Prototypes New App Concepts…And Has Some Fun In The Process

Balloonimals in China
Being an App Inventor and a Toy Inventor is haaaaaard work.  But we still manage to have some fun in the process.
Watch this never before released video to see an actual presentation that eventually evolved into the beloved Elmo’s Monster Maker app that you’ve all come to know and enjoy.

Watch the video and let us know what you think on our Balloonimals Fan Page on Facebook.

Well, that’s it for now.  Thanks for being the best app fans ever!

P.S.  We’ve noticed a lot of our Fans forwarding these articles to your friends who have been signing up to become Fans of our apps too.  Thanks for sharing the love!
P.P.S. So, a little bird told me that a new Balloonimals app might be in the works that more resembles a game than the current incarnations.  Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!
If you or your little ones are a Ballooni-maniac and would like to see a Balloonimals game, Join our Balloonimals Discussion on Facebook and comment on your favorite mobile app game or what kind of Balloonimals game you would like to see, and your wish may just come true.   Don’t be shy, JOIN THE CONVERSATION, and you just might get a FREE Balloonimals HD promo code for your iPad (if we really like your post)!

-The IDEO Toy Lab Team

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IDEO Toy Lab’s “Elmo” and “Grover” iPhone Apps Win Parents’ Choice Awards

Elmo's Monster Maker and Grover's Number Special Win Parent's Choice Award

We’d like to thank the Academy… I mean Parents’ Choice for recognizing our efforts in the area of awesome and fun entertainment for kids on a mobile electronic device.  Elmo’s Monster Maker and Grover’s Number Special were both awarded Parents’ Choice Silver awards!  You can see all of the winners on the Mobile Apps Award page on the Parents’ Choice website.

And learn more about Elmo’s Monster Maker and Grover’s Number Special over on iTunes.

That’s right, what “Fans” of our iPhone apps for kids have known all along has finally been recognized by an official, credible publication; Parents’ Choice.

Parents’ Choice Foundation strives to provide parents with reliable unbiased information about tools to help their children learn, to explore new challenges, to discuss ideas and to pursue dreams through their print and online publications.

A very special thanks to Parents’ Choice for recognizing all of our hard work of passion.  We love making products and experiences that enrich the lives of kids around the world.

If you would like to stay up to date with our latest creations, releases and inspirations, make sure to join our IDEO Toy Lab Mailing List, and our Balloonimals Page On Facebook to learn about FREE iTunes promo code promotions.

Thanks again to the Parents’ Choice Foundation, Sesame Street Workshop, the IDEO family, and especially to all of our fans around the world who make all of our work possible!

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Name Our 2 New Balloonimals Challenge & Celebrate HD Balloonimals On The iPad

Posted by admin on Jun 8, 2010 in Balloonimals, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone Apps For Kids

Here’s your chance to name our latest Balloonimals, a duck and a pair of snail twins. That’s right, a very luck “Balloonimaniac” will have their proposed names chosen as the official names for our latest Balloonimals. This fun promotion coincides with the release of an updated Balloonimals app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, as well as the announcement of an HD version of Balloonimals for the iPad to be released soon.

The update for the iPhone/iPod Touch includes a new duck Balloonimal in addition to the snails from our last update, higher quality animations, motion blur and other bug fixes. Furthermore, Balloonimals will be released for the iPad in the next few weeks and will include High-Definition animations, which are only available on the iPad. How cool is that!

If you haven’t seen our popular Balloonimals Page on Facebook where you can name the new Balloonimals, then you are missing a lot. It has been getting plenty of attention since we added colorful images with the names of all Balloonimals, linked it to IDEOToyLab’s Twitter account and added interesting discussion topics, like what you would like to see in a Balloonimals game.

So what are you waiting for? Being a Balloonimaniac is not a spectator sport, it’s about participating in the Balloonimals community, joining the discussion and sharing your love of Balloonimals with your friends, family and little ones.

If you don’t propose a better name for the duck and snail twins, we are just going to call them Eugene, Gertrude and Garth, and no one would want that (unless those are your names, oops!). So head on over to the Balloonimals Page on Facebook, “Like” our page and suggest some better names by clicking on the “Discussions” tab.

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New Balloonimal Born! Get A FREE iPhone App Promo Code To Celebrate

Posted by admin on May 11, 2010 in iPhone Apps For Kids

Balloonimals App Update Announced, Will Include NEW Balloonimal!

Animals-SilhouetteWe are extremely proud parents and want to share our joy with the world.  We are releasing an update to our wildly popular Balloonimals app for the iPhone/iPod Touch which will include a brand new, never before seen Balloonimal!  Now, we are not going to reveal here what that animal is, but we are going to give you a chance to get a FREE download code and see for yourself.

FREE Download Code Drawing

To celebrate the birth of a NEW Balloonimal animal in the latest version release of our wildly popular Balloonimals app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, we are offering a chance to get 1 of 25 FREE download codes for this app from the iTunes app store.

To qualify for the drawing for one free download code, simply “Like” our Balloonimals Page (click the “Like” image located at the top of the Page), AND post a reply to the topic: “What Animal Would You Like To See Brought To Life In Balloonimals?” (located on the “Discussions” tab).  That’s it!

We will select 25 qualifying entries at random before May 31st, 2010 and winning Fans of our Page will be notified via Facebook.

Happy Balloonimaling!


“Balloonimals” And “Elmo’s Monster Maker” Are International TV Stars!

We here at IDEO feel incredibly special to be one of the few select developers to get their iPhone apps for kids hand picked by Apple and featured on their television commercials.  We are excited to share this great news with you and to provide links to the actual commercials so you can enjoy them too!

Apple Features “Elmo’s Monster Maker” On Latest US TV Commercial (0:30)

Currently, Elmo’s Monster Maker is being highlighted on Apple’s “Family-Man” titled commercial.

This TV commercial demonstrates the iPhone’s value to the entire family as Elmo’s Monster Maker (EMM) is featured as a great way to keep the kids entertained on long (or short) road trips.

Featured along side Elmo’s Monster Maker app is Jamie Oliver’s cooking app (whoever that is ;P) and Viper’s remote car access app.  So I guess you could say that we are in good company.

Check out Apple’s 30 second commercial for yourself to see what parent’s who own EMM have known for a long time.
Then check out the product page to learn more about this great app and download Elmo’s Monster Maker from iTunes.

“Balloonimals” Featured On Family Travel Themed iPhone Commercial In China

How’s your Mandarin?

Well, here’s a great opportunity to find out.  IDEO’s Balloonimals app is being featured in a new commercial from Apple in China.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.

Don’t Worry, It Won’t Go To Our Heads

This isn’t the first time that IDEO’s apps have been featured by Apple.  You may recall (or just look at the older blog posts) that Balloonimals was featured in Apple retail displays on the display where the icons fly past you like a comet storm.

We would like to say thanks to Apple for recognizing all of our hard work.  But what gives us the greatest satisfaction is the miles of smiles that we see when someone picks up and really connects with our creations.  Play is not just fun, it’s our job, so we are glad that so many of you are getting exposed to IDEO’s iPhone apps for kids, and telling your families about them.

P.S. If you or your little ones are a Ballooni-maniac and would like to see a Balloonimals II sequel, become a Fan of our Facebook Balloonimals Fan Page and leave us a comment on our Page to tell us what made you such a big Balloonimals fan.

-The IDEO Toy Lab Team

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Fisher Price And IDEO Bring “See ‘n Say,” “Little People,” And “Chatter Telephone” To The iPhone

Posted by admin on Mar 31, 2010 in Fisher Price, iPhone Apps For Kids
Fisher-Price Apps

IDEO in partnership with Fisher-Price, are bringing three classic toys to life in a whole new way on the iPhone/iPod Touch.  See ‘n Say, Little People and Chatter Telephone are new apps available now at the Apple iTunes Store.

Fisher-Price: See ‘n Say ($1.99) – This classic childhood toy has found a great new home on the iPhone. Use your finger to spin the pointer and then watch videos, which contain interesting facts about your favorite farmyard animals, including fun sound effects.

Fisher-Price: Chatter Telephone ($.99) – Your toddler will love playing with an updated version of this classic childhood toy.  Dial the phone, play musical instruments or call people working in different jobs, such as a fireman, teacher or airplane pilot.  Just about any interaction will play a sound or vibrate your device.  Great for teaching tactile response.

Fisher-Price: Little People Farm ($1.99) – Interact with the Little People on a farm.  This app includes several mini-games, an interactive background and many things to discover.

Your toddler will have hours of fun and enjoyment with any of these three apps, which are available now from iTunes.Have fun!

-The IDEO Toy Lab Team

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