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  • Elmo's Monster Maker
  • Choose a monster
  • Creat endless monster combinations
  • Elmo and your monster play
  • Boogie

Elmo wants you to make a monster friend! It's easy! Choose a monster body and touch its face to give it eyes, nose and a hat-there are lots and lots and lots to choose from. When you're done, Elmo will dance and play with your monster! This is going to be so much fun!

Curriculum and Skills:

  • *Fosters art and creativity.
  • *Encourages decision-making.


  • *All original Sesame Street video.
  • *Elmo's photos of your monster go to your iPhone/iPod's photo album.
  • *Elmo interacts with your monster.
  • *Your monster comes alive to dance and play.
  • *Change your monster as many times as you like.

Parade Mode

  • Touch one of the monster bodies to get started.

Create Mode

  • Touch your monster'sface to give it eyes, a nose and a hat. Keep touching the same spot to keep changing your monster's features. When you're ready to play with your monster, touch the green arrow.

Play Mode

  • Touch the camera icon and Elmo will take a picture of your monster. This picture will appear in your iPhone/iPod's photo album.
  • Touch the Elmo icon and the little red monster himself will jump in to play with your monster!
  • Touch the music notes icon and your monster will dance for you!
  • Touch your monster any time for a surprise!

- Lulu, age 4

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Elmo is an all-time favorite Sesame Street character, and it's clear from reviews of Elmo's Monster Maker, that kids and adults alike love Elmo on the iPhone.


ChipChicklets.com - "Elmo is just about everywhere these days and now the invasion of the iPhone/iPod Touch is only imminent. Elmo’s Monster Maker App lets iPhone and iPod touch users make their very own monster and send it to a friend. There are thousands of combination and once finished, Elmo will dance and play with the monster."


AppSmile.com - "Overall, we liked it a lot. Elmo’s Monster Maker has the ability to calm down a 5 year old and a 3 year old in no time. Even had them asking for more time to play. The usual 30 second attention span was stretched out as long as my battery could last! Bringing a little quiet to my life and a little happiness to the kids. Thanks Elmo!"


AppStruck.com - "Elmo’s Monster Maker is an app I absolutely love. Maybe it’s because I absolutely love Elmo and Sesame Street in general, maybe because it’s… well yeah it’s because I love Sesame Street and Elmo."


TheMuppetMindset.com - "I'm sure this app is a huge hit with preschoolers and parents of preschoolers. They must get a kick out of seeing something they actually made play with their friend Elmo. I'm sure their parents also get a kick out of checking their Photos on their iPhone and finding 350 new monsters....So, in conclusion, I can't recommend this app enough to parents of preschoolers who love Elmo (and what preschooler doesn't?)."

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Version 1.0 Release Notes (January, 28th, 2010)


For app support, contact us at ToyLabApps@ideo.com


For iPhone devices only:


* Apple hardware does not mute videos when the phone is in silent mode. So, the videos will play with sound, but the game audio will not. A player may think the sound has dropped, when in fact their mute button is on. To enjoy all the sounds of Elmo's Monster Maker, silent mode should not be activated.


* Receiving and declining a call during game play causes the audio to drop and the game to pause. Exiting and restarting the game solves problem.

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