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Get answers to your questions about our fun family of apps here!

+ 1. My app (Elmo Calls) keeps crashing. What can I do?-

Answer: Please try the following steps, in order, to see if one of them may resolve the problem:

1. Clear out the program from your quick launch bar by double clicking the home button then touching and holding the Elmo Calls icon from the lower pop up bar. then click the delete button.
2. Turn off and on your device.
3. Delete the app from your device and reinstall from the itunes store. Don't worry apple will not charge you twice for your purchase. If you've made in app purchases, please open the app and click the restore purchases button. We have found this to fix nearly all crashing apps.

If you try this process a couple times and your app is still crashing, please contact us.


+ 2. Having trouble with sound on any of our apps? Here's what to do!-

Answer: Follow these steps in order:

1. Double check that the mute button on the side of the iphone or ipad is switched off (i.e. there is not red dot showing next to the switch). It sounds like you've already checked this one out.
2. Double check that your volume is turned up (I know it sounds silly, but I've missed this one a few times!)
3. Turn your device off and then on again
4. Delete the app, and re-download it (you won't be charged twice)
5. The last option is a bit more complicated and only for ipad users. Go into the settings menu, and in the general tab there is a setting labeled "Use Side Switch to:". Switch this between "Lock Rotation" and "Mute" a few times and make sure you finish with "Mute" selected. The physical mute switch should still be off during all of this. This is a bug with the operating system, and you might notice that the sound from other apps also comes back.


+ 3. Having trouble with purchases you've made on Elmo Calls?-

Answer: The best way to restore any purchases that you've made is to use the refresh button in the upper right corner of the categories page. Also make sure that you have updated to the newest version of the Elmo Calls app on your device; this button will not appear on older versions of the app.

Restore Purchases Instructions


+ 4. I can't save my Balloonimal's picture? -

Answer: Go to Settings > Privacy > Photos and make sure Balloonimals is turned on.
Also make sure that you have updated to the newest version of the Ballonimals app on your device.


+ 5. For whatever reason, I want a refund. What do I do? -

Answer: We're sorry to hear you would like a refund for your purchase. Unfortunately, apple's policies do not allow developers to access individual purchase information or credit individual purchasers. Thus, the only way for you to obtain a refund is to communicate directly with Apple to request a refund. Here's a link with some information on how to seek a refund from Apple:


+ Can't find an answer to your question or issue? No problem, we're here to help!-

Answer: Contact Us at with your specific question or concern, and we'll get back to you soon!