Cookie Calls has been refreshed! Same great Cookie Calls with a brand new look and a new set of features, including even more fun calls! Now easier for kids to find and replay favorite calls. Plus, an improved Grown-ups section for accessing, favoriting, scheduling and adding calls. 

Ring Ring, Cookie Monster here! Sesame Street's blue, cookie-loving monster wants to video chat with you! Receive video calls and voice messages, and when you call Cookie he is always there to answer. 

This is an app full of fun phone calls, which will help teach your child about life skills and milestones.

• Receive video calls from Cookie Monster, or dial Cookie yourself! 
• Receive voicemail from Cookie regularly and listen to the messages any time. 
• See live video of yourself in the corner of the screen while you're chatting with Cookie. 
• Grown-ups can activate calls or schedule calls for a variety of situations, such as nap time (more calls for getting ready to go, time to wake up, bedtime, brushing teeth and getting dressed available with additional call packs). 

Cookie Calls encourages children to engage in a variety of healthy habits, from washing your hands to eating fruits and vegetables. This app also helps parents establish daily routines for their children. 

The Cookie Calls sampler pack comes with your purchase of this app. This initial pack gives a taste of all the fun things Cookie wants to tell you about, like healthy eating, math and more. For even more calls, download the "Fortune Cookie" call pack for FREE, plus you can buy additional call packs easily right within the app. 

• Fortune Cookie: Cookie Monster shares ancient wisdom that’s found inside of fortune cookies. (FREE) 
• Eat Your Colors: Cookie Monster calls to talk about, and eat, some of his favorite healthy foods like apples, avocados, and cauliflower! 
• Healthy Habits: Cookie Monster can’t wait to tell you about the joy of exploring nature, the importance of getting exercise, and lots of other healthy habits! 
• Parent's Helper: Daily routines are easier when Cookie Monster calls to talk about getting dressed, getting ready for bed time, and more! 
• Laugh with Cookie: Cookie Monster just wants to make you laugh! 
• Sing with Cookie: Sing along to classic kids’ songs with Cookie Monster, or just listen! 

• Please allow Push Notifications to receive scheduled calls from Cookie Monster! 


A must have for any iOS using toddler... The smile that comes over his face when he sees Cookie Monster calling him is priceless!
— Mark Jimenez (App Store review)
My sister and I love it and she gets so excited to see Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster helps her learn good habits and learn new things. So whoever mad this app thank you because it’s truly the best.
— Kdance04 (App Store review)
I work in a children’s ER and use this app for the kids to watch!! Every parent has asked where can I get it!!!
— kruczer (App Store review)
She was 2 when we first played with Elmo Calls, now she loooooves playing with Cookie on the phone! Great for car trips.
— DudeOnRun (App Store review)