Elmo Calls has been refreshed! Same great Elmo Calls with a brand new look and a new set of features, including even more fun calls! Now easier for kids to find and replay favorite calls. Plus, an improved Grown-ups section for accessing, favoriting, scheduling and adding calls. 

Pick up the phone, Elmo’s calling! Receive video calls, audio calls, and voice mail from Sesame Street’s own furry, red monster. Or, give him a call yourself! With Elmo Calls you can laugh, play, and sing with Elmo! 

This is an app full of fun phone calls, which will help teach your child about life skills and milestone.

• Receive audio and video calls from Elmo, or dial Elmo yourself. 
• Receive voicemail from Elmo regularly and listen to the messages any time. 
• See live video of yourself in the corner of the screen while you’re chatting with Elmo. 
• Grown-ups can activate calls or schedule calls for a variety of situations, such as time to wake up!  (more calls for going to the doctor, bath time and learning to potty available with additional call packs) 

"Elmo Calls" encourages children to engage in imaginative play, practice listening skills and sing songs with Elmo! This app also fosters self-confidence by encouraging children to celebrate important life moments, such as visiting the doctor, going to the potty and learning the alphabet! 

The Sunny Day Sampler Call Pack comes with your purchase of Elmo Calls. This pack includes 13 fun-filled calls for you and your child to enjoy right away! For even more calls, download "Playdate with Elmo" for FREE, plus you can buy additional Call Packs easily right within the app: 

• ABCs: Saying your ABCs is fun! It’s even more fun with Elmo! 
• Special Visits: Elmo wants to talk about your special plans for today. 
• Holidays: Holidays are fun to celebrate and Elmo wants to celebrate with you! 
• You Can Do It!: No matter what you're learning, whether its your ABCs or using the potty, Elmo wants to cheer you on. 
• Sing with Elmo!: Elmo sings for you! You can sing along or just listen. 
• Happy Habits: Healthy habits are more fun when you do them with Elmo. 
• Laugh with Elmo: Elmo just wants to say hi! 
• Playdate with Elmo: Play and pretend with Elmo! (FREE)

• Please allow Push Notifications to receive scheduled calls from Elmo! 


My 3 year old has never been so excited to go potty, brush his teeth, clean up and go to bed.
— Elijah G (App Store review)
My daughter loves this app as much as she love Elmo... This app is a must for any parent.
— Zer0nium (App Store review)
His face lit up when he saw Elmo start talking to him just like on a video call. I had trouble getting the phone from him lol. Very cute app.
— InceptusPrime (App Store review)
My 19 month old daughter LOVES it, which means I love it, too.
— Sunrise1075 (App Store review)
...if your child is a big Elmo fan then you can’t go wrong getting this app. It’s interactive, fun, and he secretly teaches them as well! Would recommend to any parent :)
— LouisianaMommy85 (App Store review)